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About Nutrition Sustain

Nutrition Sustain is about living and eating sustainably.

Nutrition Sustain takes a preventative focus. Everyday, more and more of us are being diagnosed with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. However, the risks of all these diseases can be reduced – even prevented altogether – by making small and consistent lifestyle changes, like putting more veggies on your plate and moving more.

Nutrition Sustain is making a ‘no shit’ call to action. Your health is a gift but also a responsibility – make it a priority. Good health gives you energy, confidence and sparkle. Health allows you to live your best life, achieve your dreams, and make your mark on this world.

Nutrition Sustain hopes to inspire you on your journey to health by providing healthy eating and lifestyle tips that are nurturing, tasty, easy and fun!

Nutrition Sustain aspires to find ways to eat and live more sustainably by considering the impacts that your food and lifestyle choices have on your environment and the world around you.

Meet Marike Sabbagh Alvani

Marike (pronounced Ma-re-ka) is a lifestyle dietitian and a passionate food coach!

Marike is full of fun and heart, and loves nothing more than empowering people on their journey to health and wellness.

Marike has graduated from Curtin University as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, and has worked in both private practice and hospital settings in Perth and Sydney. She has helped coach many people on their journey to health and has been interviewed and quoted by Prevention Magazine, the Healthy Food Guide and the Sydney Observer.

Marike loves…

  • Dark chocolate and rooibos tea: Marike is a lover of mint dark chocolate and regularly enjoys it with a warm cup of rooibos tea.
  • Clean towels and sheets: Marike loves clean towels and sheets that have been dried crisp by the sun.
  • Dreaming: Marike is a dreamer and visionary – you’ll often find her day dreaming about big goals and plans.
  • Dancing: Marike isn’t the best of dancers but loves dancing with her husband Milad.
  • Travel: Marike loves travelling and learning more about different countries and cultures.
  • Photos: Capturing moments with her camera is a daily event in Marike’s life.



Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) (Curtin University, Perth)

Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics (Curtin University, Perth)

Master of Public Health (Global Nutrition) (Victoria University, Melbourne) (in the process of completing)

ISAK Training Course – Level One Anthropometrist (Curtin University, Perth)

Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness, Perth)

Certificate in Sport Nutrition (Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra)

Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics (Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne)


Professional Memberships

Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)


Meet Jessica Grove

Jess is a passionate wellness coach, writer, and speaker, who loves to inspire others.

Jess has a background in occupational therapy and personal training, and has personally experienced the pains and pitfalls of dieting through her past involvement in competitive bodybuilding. This has led Jess to become a strong advocate of sustainable nutrition and health.

In her spare time, Jess loves spending time at the beach with her family, and meditates as often as possible to stay grounded with a three year old!

Jess loves…

  • Nature: Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine among the plants and butterflies is a daily love for Jess.
  • New recipes: Variety is the spice of life, right!? Jess loves finding and cooking new recipes for her husband and son (bonus recipe points for healthy cakes and slices!).
  • Reading: Jess loves curling up and learning something new from a book every night before bed.
  • Growing her own food: Jess thinks there’s nothing tastier than enjoying an abundant harvest of fruits and vegetables grown in her own backyard (mangoes are her favourite!).
  • Embracing her inner child: Jess thinks life is more fun when you’re not so serious! She enjoys joining in with her son by playing on equipment at the park and chasing seagulls at the beach.



  • Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) (Curtin University, Perth)
  • Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching (Cadence Health, Sydney)
  • Certificate III in Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness, Perth) 


Professional Membership

International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT)